Copy of Autumn Winter 2023

Sending you so much LOVE! xoxo

Welcome to our Autumn/Wiinter 23 collection! For inspiration this season we decided to have a look at methods of communiction from yesteryear. Not so long ago our ways of conveying our love for one another looked very different indeed. We chose a selection of these methods and created our hand drawn signature prints. We found it interesting to highlight the items that many of our children would find completely foreign now. As a mother I find it amusing when one of my children asks ‘what’s that mummy?’ Nowadays almost everything can be done from a swipe on a screen, from sending messages to listening to your favourite songs. We chose in particular to highlight forms of communication like writing a letter on real paper and sending it via the post office! Although this is something that has been done for centuries, and fell out of fashion for some time, thank fully now it is enjoying a renaissance. The resurgant trend of Vinyl and playing records on a turntable are also making a comeback. We couldn’t resist featuring the long forgotten yet iconic Nokia mobile phone. Remember when those were the height of technology?

We had fun making our prints, and the resounding message is keeping in touch with those you love and how you communicate that.

We have as always the softest fabrics and our signature knitwear that will stand the test of time and can be treasured for years to come.

We hope you LOVE our new collection as much as we do, enjoy spreading some LOVE. xoxo