Our Materials

We are super serious about quality. In fact, it’s fair to say we are quite fussy about getting the most beautiful fabrics for our collections as possible. Our fabric geeks here at HQ are always searching to make sure we have the softest yet hardest wearing fabrics we can find.  Our clothes are about comfort, that’s why we favour jersey and knitwear as these fabrics move with you and are soft and kind to your skin.
As well as being comfortable, it is important to us that you buy something that will last. Our garments are constructed to the highest quality standards and our QC team are vigilant to inspect and ensure each piece is finished as it should be, perfectly! We intend each piece to be worn for a long time, and then passed on to another little adventurer to enjoy. We don’t believe in fast fashion, or that clothes are only built to last a short while, that’s why we work hard to ensure our quality will stand the test of time.
One of the most important things to us is that we do as little damage to our planet as possible. We have to do things differently now; we must be responsible tenants of our planet so as future generations can continue to enjoy it. As such we endeavour to use as many organic fabrics as possible. You will see that our jersey and interlock are 100% Organic cotton, which are fully certified by GOTS and as of AW21 we are delighted to be introducing the latest in sustainable knitwear.  Our knitwear is a stunning blend of cashmere, which is sustainable in its very nature, and organic cotton! This is a beautiful quality which is thankfully machine washable, perfect for any mishaps, but we always recommend washing at 30 degrees to keep it in shape and be kinder to the environment. Also, we ask that you do not tumble dry it to keep it in its best shape for longer.