Size Guide & Garment Care

The below sizes are an indication of our standard rainbowxoxo garments. Our sizes should fit to the top end of each size, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department.

Email us: or call us on +86-131-3839-1448.


Height: Make sure their shoes are removed. Then measure their height from the top of their head to the heel of their foot.

Chest: Measure around the largest part of the chest. This is normally just under the arms of your baby or child.

Head Size: Make a loop with the tape measure and take a measurement of the circumference of the head above the eyebrows.

BABY SIZE 0-3 M 3-6 M 6-12 M 12-18 M 18-24 M
Height 52-62 cm 62-70 cm 70-78 cm 78-84 cm 84-90 cm
20.5-24.5 in 24.5-27.5 in 27.5 - 31 in 31-33 in 33-35.5 in
Weight 6kg 8kg 10kg
13lb 17.5lb 22lb
Chest 39-43 cm 43.46 cm 46-48 cm 48-50 cm 52-54 cm
15-17 in 17.18 in 18-19 in 19-20 in 20.5-21.25 in


KIDS SIZE 2-3 YR 4-5 YR 6-7 YR
Height 90-98 cm 98-110 cm 110-122 cm
35.5-38.5 in 38.5-43.5 in 43.5-48 in
Chest 52-54 cm 56-58.5 cm 60-62 cm
20.5-21.25 in 22-23 in 23.5-24.5 in


HEAD SIZE 0-12 M 12-24 M 2-3 YR 4-5 YR 6-7 YR
Circumference 38-47 cm 47-51 cm 51-51.5 cm 52-53 cm 54-54.5 cm
15-18.5 in 18.5-20 in 20-20.5 in 20.5-21 in 21.25-21.5 in





All products garments are machine washable, unless otherwise stated on the garment label.

We recommend that you do NOT tumble-dry the products. As most of our garments are knitwear, the heat from tumble-drying can cause fading, shrinkage, and may reduce the lifespan of the garment's quality. Any products that can be tumble-dried will indicate so on their care label.


Please ensure to wash any denim/ indigo garments SEPARATELY (on their own or with similarly dyed garments) before wearing. Due to the dyeing process, indigo dyed garments may shed some of its colour during washing, but this should stop once it has been washed several times. rainbowxoxo cannot accept any liability if you do not comply with these instructions.